Scheduling studio time is the backbone of your business, and you need a solution that makes it easy. Knowing who has booked a session, what type of work will be the focus of the session, and easily seeing available times for additional bookings helps drives your business forward.

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Sonido Software provides an informative recording studio scheduling solution designed to work with the specific requirements you have on a daily basis. Effortlessly tie in all leads, contacts and projects into your scheduling for an integrated experience.

For studios that manage multiple rooms within a facility, such as a Studio A, Studio B, and so forth, you’ll have quick visuals into what is happening across individual rooms, or across your entire facility as a whole. Now that’s a schedule you can rely upon!

Sonido - Scheduling


Interested in learning more about intuitive scheduling  in a single- or multi-room studio within Sonido, or would you like to take a demo of the many benefits Sonido Software is providing to studios of all sizes?