Project Management

Project Management

When you are working multiple audio projects at once, it can become difficult to keep track of the many intricate details from start to finish. Whether trying to remember what equipment was using in tracking guitars, how long ago a particular client came in for their last session, which tracks within an album have been fully mixed or mastered, the collective mix review feedback from multiple members of a band, or any number of other variations of managing your projects – we are all human, and it can be difficult to keep track of all the details.

Project Details

Session Notes

Task Reminders

File Storage

Sonido Software provides an organized, efficient recording studio project management system for managing your projects with ease.

By documenting and pulling together the necessary project details into an intuitive project management interface, you can quickly review the stage of every open project within your studio – from initial tracking through final delivery to the client, reference project details and band or group information, review session notes, create a To Do checklist of next steps, send project invoices, and so much more.

Sonido - Project Management


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