Lead Management

Lead Management

You work hard to get new leads for studio projects. Managing those leads can be challenging, and sometimes they don’t get the attention they deserve. Sonido Software can help you ensure that your quality leads don’t fall through the cracks and help you book more studio time with effective lead management.

Lead Details

Populate necessary lead details that make sense for considering a future audio project workflow.

Lead Stage

Manage and track lead stages from new lead to a new project, and everything in between.


Add notes and document all conversations, keeping all necessary details top of mind.

Project Quotes

Build intuitive audio project quotes and send for consideration and approval.

Sonido - Lead Management


In the end, your leads help drive new business and lead to great opportunities. With Sonido, you have better access to lead management every step of the process – from the time they first request information about your studio and rates, to the point that you book their studio time. Manage your leads better with Sonido.