You have a passion for music, which is why you are in the music business. But without driving revenue from your recording studio, all the passion you can muster simply won’t keep your studio afloat for long. Managing financials appropriately is what drives your profits and keeps you in business, and you owe it to yourself to make the process of preparing for and receiving profits easy.

Project Quotes

Send Invoices

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Financial Reporting

Sonido Software provides a simple, yet powerful financial module that helps you better recognize revenue opportunities, project acceptance, revenue collection and financial documentation. With Sonido financials, you can build a project quote and send to a prospective client, who can either accept the quote (allowing you to move forward with the project) or reject (providing you with insightful information as to the reason for rejection). Converting quotes to a detailed invoice is quick and easy, allowing you to begin collecting the revenues you deserve from a project well done through payments tied to invoices.

And what’s more, all your financial data is compiled into an elegant dashboard with underlying reports, which allows you to track your financial opportunities and wins with ease.  It’s time you take charge of your recording studio and match your passion for music with passion for profits.  

Sonido - Financials, Quotes, Invoices, Payments

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