To Dos

To Dos

Checklists are the life blood of a recording studio, and there’s nothing more satisfying than completing tasks and moving ahead. In The studio, tasks vary by day or by project, and the task assignment may also fall upon the responsibility of other engineers or assistants. You don’t want anything to fall between the cracks, and every now and again you need a subtle reminder of the important tasks assigned to you.

Create Tasks

Assign to User

Receive Reminders

Mark Complete

Sonido Software provides a productive To Dos module that takes all the guesswork out of your daily assignments. It’s never been easier to create a list of tasks, assign tasks to other studio employees, and receive informative reminders on a custom time schedule. 

Not only do you receive the benefits of keeping your workflow organized and efficient, but you receive a sense of satisfaction with every To Do that you mark off your list. Way to go!

Sonido Software - To Dos


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