Time Tracking

Time Tracking

If you track production time for projects in your studio, you know how important it is to have a simple, effective and automated process to save you time. With Sonido, you can track your time for a custom list of tasks at the click of a button. No more paper records, no more phone stopwatches or relying upon memory… there’s a better way.

Track your time more effectively with Sonido. It’s automated and about time.

Custom Tasks

Automated Time Tracking

Invoice Billable Hours

Robust Time Tracking Report

The Sonido time tracking module simplifies the process of tracking your time on projects. 

Build your own custom task lists and set your hourly rates for each task (i.e. recording, editing, mixing, etc.). Start tracking your time on projects with a single click – Sonido starts a clock and manages the full time entry for you. 

All tracked time is recorded on your project and available in a robust time tracking report. When you are ready to bill for your time, simply add tracked time to an invoice and collect payment.

Tracking your production time on projects should be simple. Now it is. 

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Interested in learning more about convenient time tracking within Sonido, or would you like to take a demo of the many benefits Sonido Software is providing to studios of all sizes?