Dashboard and Reporting

Dashboard & Reporting

When it comes to your recording studio business, it can be difficult to visualize all the accomplishments and transactions that take place on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis. Wouldn’t it be nice to easily visualize the health of your studio without compiling spreadsheets, crunching numbers and pulling bank statements? Now you can, in a fraction of the time.

Visual Insights

Financial Data

Referrals & ROI

Studio Health

Your ears aren’t the only ones who should take pleasure in your line of business. With Sonido, you can feast your eyes on an elegant dashboard that provides visual components that help you make more educated decisions for your business. Colorful widgets quickly give you insight on your lead pipelines, financial activity, your most prominent referral sources, marketing return on investment, and more. Arguably, there’s no better eye candy than your powerful studio dashboard.

Underlying the dashboard are detailed reports, whose data can be refreshed based on given timelines. Interested in seeing month over month revenue comparisons? You got it. Curious to know what your most prominent source of referrals was over the past 21-months? Easy Peasy. Want to see a list of all past due invoices? That makes cents. Sonido provides informative business reports that give you the confidence you need to improve your business day by day. That said, there’s nothing more to report here.

Sonido - dashboard and reporting

Interested in learning more about the power of reports within Sonido, or would you like to take a demo of the many benefits Sonido Software is providing to studios of all sizes?